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Guest Info & Policies

Our goal is the maximum positive rental experience for you, the Guest! Let our state-of-the-art web-based rental system guide you to that perfect Marthas Vineyard summer home. Remember, your time has value and using our system will save you countless hours on the phone! You can see availability schedules, rates, a list of amenities and photos for ALL listings.

Search Sandcastle Realty Vacation Rentals' online rental system by the dates you wish to visit. Availability is updated frequently. It's easy to find your dream vacation home. Remember to visit our Guest Services and Island Info pages for links to services and information which can greatly enhance your vacation rental!


  • Save the expense and frustration of multiple phone calls.
  • Save time - We will eliminate the inconvenient and time consuming work of finding a rental home.
  • Selection - With hundreds of homes in our database to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect summer home.
  • Something for Everyone - Prices per week range from $1,000 to $10,000 and up. We handle properties island-wide.
  • We encourage you to protect your vacation investment with TRAVEL INSURANCE It is a small investment for peace of mind!
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Policies, Procedures & Charges


To the best of SCR's knowledge the information and photographs on the listings are accurate but are not guaranteed. Rates, availability and conditions are subject to change without notice. GUESTS must check with SCR about specific items of importance to them.


Varies from house to house and are subject to change.


Once a house is chosen and the rental confirmed with the owner a lease is immediately emailed to the renter. The signed lease and payment of half the rent (full payment expected, by wire transfer or cashier's check, for rentals starting under 60 days from booking date) plus the booking fee, in the form of a certified check or money order, is due within 5 business days. Balance of payments is due 45 days prior to occupancy. International Clients may need to make different arrangements as directed by our representatives.

Please note that you are signing a contractual agreement with the LANDLORD. Your LEASE is a legally binding contract. Please read it carefully! SANDCASTLE REALTY is acting solely as a rental agent for the OWNER.


Sandcastle does not usually hold the Security Deposit. It is held and returned by the LANDLORD as per item #16 on the lease and therefore any conversations regarding said deposit must be between the GUEST and the LANDLORD. The security deposit can cover cleaning, damage, long distance phone calls, and also can be retained for violation of the occupancy limit, non-smoking and no pet clauses as indicated in the lease. All long-distance phone calls are the responsibility of the GUEST. Any deductions from Security Deposits must be itemized by the LANDLORD and all bills/receipts copied to the GUEST. Security Deposits are returned within 60 DAYS of your departure after confirmation that there are no damages or additional charges as determined by the landlord.


Varies from house to house with some landlords charging a flat fee and others choosing to deduct the departure cleaning fees from the security deposit. If the GUEST does not wish to clean, cleaning arrangements can be made with LANDLORD.


Maximum of $150.


In renting this property the GUEST has made a contractual obligation with the LANDLORD of the home. In the event that the GUEST must cancel, the LANDLORD must be notified in writing immediately, and Sandcastle Realty Inc. by telephone (508-627-5665). Every effort to find a suitable replacement tenant to occupy the property for the GUEST'S lease term will be made (via customary business practices). If a re-rental occurs, a refund, less a 16% cancellation fee and $100 booking fee, will be issued by the LANDLORD. In any event, the SECURITY DEPOSIT must be returned to the GUEST by the LANDLORD in a reasonable amount of time. The dollar amount of the rental refund will be determined by the dollar amount of the re-rental. If the re-rental is for less, the refund will be adjusted accordingly. The booking fee is non-refundable. In the event no re-rental occurs the GUEST is responsible for fulfilling this contractual obligation, will be bound by the lease terms, and any refund will be at the LANDLORD'S discretion.


Your rental, be it cottage or mansion, is someone's home and deserves the same amount of respect as your own. As stated in your lease, the property you have rented is not to be used for functions such as receptions, family reunions or any other gathering involving more than the maximum number of occupants specified in your lease agreement, unless permission has previously been obtained from the landlord.


MARTHA'S VINEYARD ISLAND is surrounded by water. We have BUGS; sometimes MOLD and MILDEW. We won't knowingly rent you a house afflicted with the above. However, even the most luxurious homes are subject to nature's ways, and surprises can happen. THE LANDLORD, NOT SANDCASTLE, is responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of their home. Unless specifically permitted or indicated, ABSOLUTELY NO ANIMALS are allowed in the rental home. This includes animals belonging to visitors.