Listing Your Home with Sandcastle Realty

Welcome to Sandcastle Realty Vacation Rentals on Martha's Vineyard. We are a Martha's Vineyard vacation rental home company with a state-of-the-art website that works to your great advantage. Our goal is your goal: the maximum positive rental experience for both you, the Homeowner, and for your Guests, and to have longer term, satisfied, repeat Guests for your Martha's Vineyard home! Let us do the work. Remember, your time has value!

Contact us to get more information about listing your Martha's Vineyard home with Sandcastle Realty!


  • Save Time - Sandcastle will eliminate, as much as possible, the inconvenience and time consuming work of the rental process! Sandcastle will handle all inquiries, eliminating hours of telephone tag, and hours of discussion.
  • Advertising - You will reap the benefits of our targeted advertising campaign, website promotion and positioning.
  • Marketing - Sandcastle will generate interest in your property and suggest rates designed to maximize your rental income.
  • Exposure - Your home will have maximum exposure as it will be on the World Wide Web! Your home will be presented in a professional and attractive manner with a customized listing.
  • Imagery - You can display as many photographs, taken by Sandcastle or by you, as you wish to. Panoramic or virtual tours may be displayed by special request.
  • Ease - Sandcastle will create your listing for our website.
  • Qualified inquiries - The tenants will search using the criteria that is important to them. Your availability will be clearly indicated eliminating inappropriate inquiries for weeks already booked.
  • Personal Service - Sandcastle will always interview the Guest before contacting you to confirm a rental.
  • Customized Tracking - Sandcastle will track all your rentals thus preventing potential double bookings.
  • Less Paperwork - Using our customized leasing program Sandcastle will write the leases and handle the necessary paperwork.
  • Record Keeping - Sandcastle will track the payments and generate customized reports upon request. No more wondering at the end of the rental season just who rented what, when, for how much, etc.
  • Island Hosts - Sandcastle will arrange for the Guest's pick up of the key and map to your home. We will be on call on the day of their arrival should a problem arise that you or your caretaker cannot handle.
  • Emergency - Comprehensive preparedness and response plan in the event of a hurricane or disaster.

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